Mongolia is the starting point of my 3rd journey, Into The West. From Ulaanbaatar, I rode west to Tsetserleg, before proceeding north into Khovsgol Nuur near the border of Siberia, then back by bus to Ulaanbaatar and rode another 600km through the Gobi Desert into Zamyn Uud, before crossing into China via Erenhot (Erlian). I rode total of roughly 1600km in the land of the Mongols, the birthplace of Chinggis Khan. Learned a lot from the Mongols on how to live my life as a nomad. Learned from the best people, the real nomads, the Mongols…

6 Comments on “Mongolia

  1. The steppes and Gobi of Mongolia were some of the most memorable places I’ve ever traveled to (2008). Your photos do justice to the spectacular landscapes, endless skies and nomadic lifestyle that are so unique to this country. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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