China lorry drivers are so cool!!! (Story from 11th sept)

1 very important thing i forgot to mention on my last post! I saw a horror lorry accident yesterday, some 60 meters in front of me! While i was riding to Korgas, i rode peacefully listening to my ipod. All out of a sudden, a huge lorry came fast from a junction in front of me to the main road and god knows why, the lorry crashed into another lorry coming from the front like a chewing gum! From the look of it, i think both of them lorry drivers must be dead by now by the scary impact! Oh… and this isnt the hightlight of the story. The best thing was, they survived, came out from the lorry safely, talking to each other, make a few phone calls and…. start playing cards and smoking!!! It was unbelievable! They were so calmed! Its like… getting into a lorry accidents is a routine for them and theyre used to it. i was really amazed by these lorry drivers. sorry i have no photos to share with u guys, since i think its kinda rude to start snapping photos of them who just got into an accident without giving a hand. wanted to help but… they look so calmed… playing cards, smoking and laughing, so i hesitated. Gosshhh… what a moment!!

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