The Mind Travels Further Than The Physical Body

The ride up north from Jalalabad was quite easy at first. It was flat, riding through villages and there were many shops at the roadside selling drinks so I don’t worry much about supplies. The road hugs the border of Uzbekistan for a few kilometers. Whenever I stopped by in a shop to get some drinks or whenever cars slow down to talk to me, the very first question they will ask is “Atkud a?”, which means where are you from in Russian. Sometimes I do get bored from this same question and I just joke with them saying that I’m from Senegal and they believed me!


exchanging contacts with a Polish cyclist on the road

exchanging contacts with a Polish cyclist on the road

The owner of the hostel that I stayed in Jalal-Abad suggested me to go to Arslanbob, a very beautiful place not so far from Kochkor Ata, north of Jalal-Abad. But when I reached Kochkor Ata, I decided to keep pressing north towards Tashkomur. I don’t feel like going to popular beautiful places anymore nowadays. But instead, everywhere I go, I will try to find the beauty in it, I will try to find the beauty inside everything that I see.  Sometimes, its amazing when you get to see beauty inside ugliness, to see light inside darkness, to see the good intention within every bad action. Trying to find the real within real.

nomads always managed to find a place to sleep

nomads always managed to find a place to sleep

I usually wake up as early as 4 am in the morning whenever I’m the wild sleeping under the stars, get my stove to work to produce a cup of hot coffee while its still dark and prepare myself to see the birth of the sun from the distance horizon coming from the east. This is usually the time I will let my mind fly away far, travel to another realm that my physical body can’t reach, and I will let it fly deep. I spend an hour in the quiet morning, trying to see the beauty of all things, realizing that all the beauty that exist around me are all made by a microscopic particle… realizing that everything in this universe, from the super huge asteroids to the very tiny particles no larger than a grain of dust, are all made by the most fundamental unit called atom, vibrating at different frequency, manifesting themselves at different attributes, so that we humans can compare them after it reaches our 5 senses. The sky finally changes its colours, the sun finally rising, I keep watching, keep watching the world around me from a totally different perspective, a world that is built by vibrating atoms, trying to see the real within real, trying to see the ocean by diving deep inside it, not from the surface of the water anymore. The vast world around us happens within us. It has to reach our 5 senses before our brain can confirm that it is real. Living this kind of moment, I always question myself, is this really real? Is this the real real?

big climbs everywhere in Kyrgyzstan

big climbs everywhere in Kyrgyzstan

never get bored enjoying the nature, in a reservoir near Toktogul

never get bored enjoying the nature, in a reservoir near Toktogul

I wonder how does it feel like once our soul gets out of our physical body forever… when death takes us. Is it only then we realize the real real? Just like when we wake up from our dream? The world inside our dream feels so real until the moment we wake up, until the moment our soul is connected again with out physical body. Then only we find out that the world within our dream is nothing more than illusion. Slurping my hot coffee while watching the birth of the sun, I feel thankful of my existence. I exist to experience existence! I experience the taste of the hot coffee going through my mouth all the way to my digesting system. I experience the joy of watching the beautiful sunrise in the early morning. I feel glad going through the good moments and even the bad ones. I’m glad that I went through all the tough climbs and the hardship fighting the strong headwind in the steppe and deserts, so that I really can appreciate the moments when I’m relaxing outside my tent enjoying the hot coffee and the beauty of the sunrise. I’m glad that I encounter many bad people in my life on the road, so that I really appreciate and be thankful whenever I meet the good-hearted people. I’m glad that I’ve been through hunger, fatigue and sickness so that I really appreciate whenever there are food in front of me and be thankful that I’m blessed with good health and strength. I’m glad experiencing the hardship when walking in darkness, so that I can be thankful when I’m walking easily when its bright. And I’m glad of all the struggle living on the road, so that one day I will really be thankful when I’m back home…


hehe... muka budak tak puasa

hehe… muka budak tak puasa

My mind just keep flying, keep traveling deep, far away inside some mysterious realm… a realm that doesn’t exist in the prison of space and time. A realm I refer to as mysterious, simply because it’s a realm that cannot be reached within our 5 senses. A realm… that only the spirit and the mind can reach, not the physical body. And it only comes back when I’m done with my coffee, when the sun is getting higher above the horizon, when I’m done doing nothing but sitting and watching the rising sun, when I start packing all my stuffs to be on the road again. I rode slower since I’m in Kyrgyzstan, feeling more relaxed but somehow I managed to cover more kilometers in a day. I guess I’m slower because of 2 factors, I’m getting older and there are so many big climbs here in Kyrgyzstan. But I do more than 100km a day here because I started my ride very early in the morning and finished riding late in the evening, the day is long now since its summer. The climb isn’t so hard but its very long all the way to Karakul, before I flew fast downhill towards a beautiful reservoir in Toktogul.

after days without shower

after days without shower

beautiful river during the climb towards Karakul

beautiful river during the climb towards Karakul


Karakul, a very cute and small town

Karakul, a very cute and small town

11 Comments on “The Mind Travels Further Than The Physical Body

  1. Wow. Awesome! As usual, stunning pictures.. nice job! ^^v

  2. Assalamualaikum saudara Zahariz.

    Saya kagum dengan kembara anda. Melihat pemandangan yg menakjubkan dpd gambar2 yg disertakan, Subhanallah…jangan lupa bersujud syukur kepada Maha Pencipta alam semesta ini. DIA yang mencipta segala yang ada di langit dan dibumi ini serta apa yg ada di antaranya…orang bermusafir ini doanya sangat mustajab. Oleh itu banyak2 lah berdoa dan berzikir ketika dalam kembara anda.

    Salam Aidil Fitri dan selamat sejahtera dalam kembara anda.

  3. Wow I cant believe you’re at Karakul! except i dont think it’s the one i was at… cos it looks so different. and you wouldnt be there yet. Kyrgyzstan is truly one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, keep going and always take care of yourslef!

  4. Salam.

    I love all of your blogposts and pictures which are totally relatable, made me reflect on life and remembering the best Creator of all, Allah s.w.t. Keep it up and take care!!
    Prayers from Kuching, Sarawak :D
    p/s kirim salam topi!

  5. Assalamualaikum Sdr Zahariz,

    Thank you for illustrating to us what peace and simplicity are. Permission for an image for a point with back link please. Thank you very much. Selamat Hari Raya.

    May ALLAH SWT ease and bless.

  6. Take care Mr Zahariz..Selamat berpuasa dan Selamat Hari raya…

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