A Few Days in Ravongla

I spent a good few nights in the quiet hotel in Ravongla. Its a good location, about half a kilometer away from the Ravongla town centre so its quiet, clean and peaceful. This is the first time since I’m in India that I had a really quiet night. I don’t hear sound of vehicles here but instead I hear the sound of wind, rain and birds. Once in a while, I hear the sound of children playing from the distant… such a peaceful place and I felt so relaxed. I then decided to take a few days rest in this hotel and read my books. Oh yes, I do bring books on my bicycle. Most bicycle tourers carry as light as they can so they can go fast but me on the other hand, I like to call the road as my home. So I prefer to go slowly and have all the things I need.


view from my hotel room


the lovely sunset

While staying in Ravongla, I finished reading two books and also had time to continue writing my own book. Its raining most of the days here especially in the afternoon, so I usually wake up as early as 4am and start hiking to nearby villages here as early as 5am. I just do short hike here every morning for 2 hours max, so that I can come back to the hotel by 7am for breakfast. The rain usually started pouring in as early as noon so I just stayed inside my hotel room reading and writing. Besides the quietness, I also get a good view right from the window of my hotel. I asked the owner to give me a room on the top floor and he agreed. When the weather is in good mood, I can get lucky to see the majestic Himalayan range standing tall on the Sikkim side here from my window. I can imagine how beautiful this region is if I come at the right season. When the blue sky appeared once in a while, the whole thing suddenly look very beautiful to me lit by the sunlight. The range of the snow mountains look so near, probably in West Sikkim or even Nepal.





the Himalayan range is clearly visible under the blue sky

After spending sometime in the countryside of Sikkim, I begin to understand its people. Sikkim is a small area surrounded by Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. So the population here varies, its a mixture of Bhutia, Nepali and Lepcha who came from all over Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. The major language here is Nepali but it seems that there are many other languages spoken here like Dzongka, Bhutia, Lepcha and god knows how many other languages exist here. It is also unique to observe the locals here who seems to me like they came from totally different nationality but live in a same village. The religion here is also somehow unique to me, like a mixture between Buddha and Hindu. Theyre mostly Buddhists here but the Hindus who are the Nepali descendants are also living the Buddhist way of life… which I find interesting here. People living in the village here in Ravongla are just like any other villagers in the world, they walk and talk slower… looking at their faces showed me that they take things easily in life. The centre of Ravongla is nothing more than a street of shops and hotels… which only takes me less than 3 minutes to walk from end to end.



view of Ravongla centre from my hotel



centre of Ravongla


Buddhist monastery in Ravongla


Buddha statue on top of the hill



24 Comments on “A Few Days in Ravongla

  1. Its hard to believe the pictures are real, it looks too beautiful! I would love to go on an adventure there! What is your book about? What books did you take with you?

  2. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your travels. I look forward to your postings so that I may take a vicarious journey.

  3. Appreciate your perspective on the cultural melting pot that Sikkim is; you are a first rate photog. Thanks for bringing us along on your trek

  4. Waited for your post for so many days, or I can say I am little bit addicted to your style of writing or presentation.
    Photos are awesome as well your description.
    I am happy that you like the part of my country India, thank you for showing others that how beautiful my country is 😊

  5. Hey ….your diaries/blogs are indeed commendable. I too write travel blogs…would be delighted if you can read them too…..anyways which camera do you use?

  6. subhanallah…..extremely2 amazing views. i wonder if i can escape my office life in KL here. tq zahariz….u r my small window to the world…google also tak leh tolong :) :)
    Tak pernah lansung dgr Ravongla…..where it is…. keep on posting ya! semoga musafir u sentiasa dibawah lindunganNya…..

  7. I’ll never imagine India is like that. Thanks to people like you, people like me meet places and sometimes fall in love of the landscapes. Good luck with your book! =D

  8. Subhanallah..MasyaAllah..cantik sungguh ciptaan Allah. Semoga saudara Zahariz di bawah lindungan Allah sepanjang pengembaraan ini dan akan datang. Ramadhan Kareem dan selamat berpuasa.

  9. Subhanallah cantiknya pemandangan yg sdr abadikan dlm blog. Saya sangat kagum dgn pengembaraan sdr. Saya peminat progrm sdr di TV Alhijrah Dgn Basikal Aku Mengembara. Tahniah. Semoga Allah melindungi sdr.

  10. Thank you so much for your post. Makes me want to visit such a quaint place. :)

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