Beauty doesn’t exist without ugliness

I recently felt slightly lost and demotivated to continue writing my online diary here on my blog website. Its a normal cycle, sometimes we are at the bottom of the wheel, sometimes we are at the top. Thankfully, it was only temporary and now Im back writing, transforming all my internal thoughts into words, so that the unseen will be realized. Nonetheless, I’m still travelling as usual, living constantly on the road in search of different experience. But I will now share my writings since months ago that were left unpublished. I will now start since where I left, which was my last hike in Nepal, the Annapurna Basecamp trek…



After I completed the hike in the Annapurna Basecamp trek, I took a few days break and figuring out my next move. Winter was slowly approaching, when the sun left the Himalayas, the coldness came side by side with the darkness of the night. So I decided to spend only a few more weeks in Nepal before finally leaving the Himalayas. Thanks to the social media, I got to know Jody Lee, a kind hearted woman who is behind “The Help Nepal Appeal”, a non profit organization that helps the earthquake survivors in Nepal. I have never get myself involved in any charity work in my entire life. So joining this team for a few days in Nepal is something really new and fresh experience for me.






After our meeting in Kathmandu, Jody, two local Nepalis and me went to a small village of Sisaghat, somewhere between Kathmandu and Pokhara to visit a school there, where they were concentrating on two projects at that time, which were the student leadership council and to raise the level of education for the special need students in the school. I came in more like an observer, where my job is to film the experience and produce a video to be shared on their youtube channel, so that they will have more exposure on things that they do in Nepal. So instead of helping by teaching and entertaining the special need children which I have no experience at all, I was just helping by operating my cameras.


a very colourful and interesting Nepali wedding in Sisaghat






Staying in the village for a few days observing and filming the locals and the activities, I was mostly amazed by the meaning of kindness. For many years I’ve been wondering, if god is the most fair, why some people are born rich, while some children died because of hunger… why some people are living good life while others are struggling throughout their entire life… why wars and natural disasters happen and people have to suffer. Looking at the world from our human level logic, it seems that all these don’t make sense and will make us think that god isnt fair at all. But when I try to look at things from a different angle, some things started to make more sense. This realm we are living is relative based. We define each attributes by its opposite. Beauty will not exist without ugliness. We never will realize the light if there is no darkness. Good and bad define each other. Success will not exist without failure. Positive and negative neutralize each other. Without being at the bottom, we will never climb. Without making mistakes, we will never say sorry or ask for forgiveness. There is a saying, we usually will appreciate something only after we lose it, this is because only then we experience its opposite, thus we realize its importance…


the countrylife


local in Sisaghat


landscape in Tanahun district

So it is the same thing in this case, an earthquake struck Nepal a few years ago which caused many casualties and many others lost their homes. But not long after that, goodness comes out of nowhere, local and international volunteers came to Nepal to offer their help and suddenly, there is a very strong connection between the victims and the helping hands. More people come to Nepal and the country became more exposed to tourism. Here in Sisaghat village, I witness the perfect example of my thought. Jody Lee, the Australian woman who is the founder of Help Nepal Appeal, is now dedicating her life to help the earthquake victims in Nepal. After the news of the earthquake reached her ears, she quickly raised thousands of dollars in Australia and flew to Nepal to help whatever she can. She even work hard and use all her own savings to help the victims. Now one of the project for the organization is to help upgrading the teaching quality of the special need children in this village and also introducing student leadership council program to the school here. If this works out, they plan to implement it to all the school in Nepal.


Sisaghat village


students imagining themselves becoming a leader. hehe…


students imagining themselves transforming into a flower


Jody Lee, the person behind Help Nepal Appeal


Pramod, a local volunteer teaching and entertaining the special need students


Eric Lee, a volunteer from the US teaching the school children for a few days

When I first came to this village together with them, my intention is more towards seeing the local people here since I know nothing and inexperience about charity works. But when observing how they work together especially with the special need children, I find it very interesting and film all the experience. It is such a waste if a tree blossoming with thousands of colourful flowers but no one is there to appreciate its beauty. It is such a waste if a tree bear delicious fruits but no one is there to taste them. It is such a waste if a painter create a masterpiece but no one is there to acknowledge the master work. So here I shared the short film I made for them, so that their kindness will be acknowledged, appreciated and hopefully will motivate others to do good things instead of being wasted and forgotten. You can find out more about them on their website and social media.

78 Comments on “Beauty doesn’t exist without ugliness

  1. I am living vicariously through you as I sit in my air conditioned office in Central Europe… love your work <3

      • Always a pleasure – you do reach some amazing places, and frankly, am envious! :) keep going – love it! :D

  2. Excellent story telling! I will follow you. Fascinating…

  3. Al salam alaykum wbt En. Zahariz. Lama menunggu catatan En. Zahariz di blog. Membaca di blog dan di FB terasa kelainannya. Teruskan menulis yg indah, yg pahit, yg manis, yg kelat utk kami menghayatinya.

  4. What a lovely experience and way to spend your life. I am going to be making some big changes in my own life soon. I’m a teacher in the US but I’ve wanted for a long time to help students abroad, even if just for short periods of time. The photo you showed of the volunteers is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing. We do go through phases, don’t we? Glad you’re feeling reinvigorated. And you’re so right that so much of what we perceive as good or bad, happiness or misery is relative. Being of Haitian background, I’ve seen so many instances of happiness and sadness in the most unlikely of circumstances.

    • thank you! yeah even for a short period of time is a valuable experience. doing different things will give us different experience… different experience helps us to look at things differently, from different perspective… which will lead us to understand reality more

  5. What a wonderful video. and how amazing is young Jody Lee. What a big soul she is. Your photographs are gorgeous as usual. It’s good to have you back!

    • thanks for still reading! yeah jody is a wonderful soul. glad that shes still doing what she loves

  6. it’s a wonderful world and work that you’re doing
    i do wonder how u take care of your family back home cos you keep doing this
    doesnt your family deserve you back home? with you always traveling and photowhoring how do u feel

    • it is yeah. i feel light living nomadic life, probably because i have no debts and dont get myself stucked inside the system. my family isnt in malaysia, theyre in central asia. i spend a lot of time in central asia, just that i dont share much on my personal life online. i write only about my travels and thoughts

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  9. Wah finally it’s been updated .keep on inspiring bang.You taught us a new meaning of life.

  10. kebetulan baru bukak web bro..dan suddenly sudah update.. syiok2..teruskan menulis..

  11. Subhanallah…! Melihat dunia daripada kaca mata kamu, sangat mengujakan… Terima kasih… Semoga Zahariz sentiasa berada dalam perlindungan Allah….

  12. inspired by your pix and writing as well as your video skills; so tempted to follow your mountain trail … if only my aging knees won’t complain!

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  16. assalam sdr zahari… i miss so much of your stories n enjoyments….saya baru ikuti penceritaan sdr…. akan follow dan baca yg lepas2…. tapi saya ikuti jelajah sdr melalui alhijrah…syabas sdr…

    • wsalam tuan fauzi. terima kasih kerana sudi membaca blog saya dan menonton tv program saya di tv alhijrah.

      • Assalam…Ramadhan ni sdr d mana… d doakan sdr n family d berkati Allah… apa rancangan 2017 ni?

  17. Salam bro. Your idea leaving out of the system really strikes me. Wish I can learn more on how you do this while raising a family. Perhaps you can write a book if you dont want to mess the blog. Such beautiful journey. Thank you Zahariz for the lovely thoughts. Enjoyed every words and pics. And the TV program too. Me and wife wouldn’t missed it to watch on Al-Hijrah:)

    • thank you so much. yes im writing a book about it and planning to publish my first book soon insyallah

  18. Salam dari Brunei Darussalam. Love your work! Our family enjoyed watching your documentary on TV Al Hijrah while enjoying our iftar. Fascinating!!

  19. Salam Tuan, seriously we proud of you…keep on doing it….

  20. as salam mualaikum saudara Zahariz, semoga sentiasa dibawah lindungan Allah swt.. saya amat kagum dengan keberanian saudara, saya irihati dengan perjalanan harian saudara, saya berasa semangat dan komited untuk mengecapi cita cita saya sendiri setelah mengikuti cerita saudara.. hebat sungguh.. teruskan cita cita anda dan terima kasih..

    • terima kasih banyak2 kerana sudi mengikuti perkembangan saya. saya amat berbesar hati kerana tuan mendapat suatu semangat yang kuat untuk mencapai segala cita2 yang diidamkan. insyallah semuanya akan dicapai, kuatkan niat. semakin kuat niat kita, semakin kuat badan fizikal kita bekerja ke arahnya… segalanya dengan izin allah.

  21. Asslm. Spnjng bc blog ni rmai yg inspired cara tuan mengekspresikn perasaan dlm penulisan. Secara x langsung mmbuka mata org luar tentang cara org malaysia berfikir n betapa dlm n halusnya kita berfikir. Mungkin ini boleh mmbuka mata mereka yg org Islam sebenarnya sopan n beradab n mngkin tuan bleh selitkan tntng keganasan yg slalu dilakukan oleh org Islam sebenarnya bkn dtg dari ajaran Islam tp dari budaya n sekeliling org tersebut yg sememangnya kasar bersifat berpuak2 khususnya dr negara asia barat dan juga pengaruh dr pihak tertentu. Trskn menulis…kipidap

    • terima kasih tuan kerana sudi menjengok dan membaca blog saya. sepanjang saya bergaul dengan orang2 luar dari pelbagai bangsa dan kepercayaan, memang agak mencabar untuk meyakinkan mereka tentang kebenaran dan betapa lurusnya ajaran islam kerana perangai sesetengah umat islam sendiri dan berita2 yang sering diketengahkan oleh media.

      bagi saya begitu penting sekali untuk kita bukan sekadar mengikut2 ajaran secara buta2 tetapi mengkaji dengan mendalam fahaman islam yang begitu luas, paling nyata dan paling logik diterima akal. sudah tiba masanya untuk kita bukan sekadar menghafal quran semata2 tetapi mengkaji maksud dan apa yang disampaikan dalam setiap ayat… sedalam-dalamnya untuk mencari yang tersurat dan rahsia rahsia alam yang tersirat. sudah tiba masanya untuk kita mengerjakan perkara yang baik bukan dengan niat untuk mendapatkan balasan pahala semata2 dan meninggalkan sesuatu yang haram bukan kerana takutkan dosa semata2 tetapi dengan kefahaman mendalam terhadap konsep cause & effect dan perbuatan yang maha berkuasa itu sendiri. jangan takut bertanya, hapuskan perasaan ragu2 itu dengan bertanya dan selidik dan berfikir, hidupkan kembali legacy nabi ibrahim yang sentiasa mempersoalkan segala apa yang diraguinya, bukan sekadar mengikut sesuatu amal tanpa mengerti makna disebaliknya. jangan setiasa mempersalahkan, tetapi tumpukan kepada pencarian kepada kebenaran. rajin2kan mencari ilmu dalam segala bidang, mahupun metafizik, neurologi dan segala ilmu alam tetapi berpegangkan kepada 2 kalimah ibarat sebuah kompas dan dengan niat yang betul, kita akan dipelihara untuk sentiasa berada di jalanan yang benar dan lurus… insyallah

      • Betapa luas dn dalamnya Islam. Subhanallah

  22. Salam.
    Pengalaman sdr adalah panduan berguna kpd yg lain.
    Catatan sdr menjadi motivasi.

    Semoga Allah pelihara kesihatan, keselamatan & setiap langkah perjalanan sdr, serta dipermudahkan segala urusan.. Aamiin.

  23. As Salam..sdr Zahariz.i’m very very proud of yr travelling adventure.. cos u are alone. everytime i follow on tv..i might not be able to travel like u did but i would like to suggest that u write a i can enjoy reafing yr experience as well ok…thank u..taufik..Salam

  24. Wah kali ni makin kerap mengembara ye…nnti buatlah filem baru pulak pasang kat tv alhijrah hehehe

  25. Wah skrg makin kerap mengembara ye nnti buatlah filem baru pula ye…hehehe x pon dengan basikal aku menjelajah 4

  26. WOW is an understatement! Subhanallah. Keep up the good work bro. I might not be able to do those things you did.. nor travelling to those places you could possibly reach but I cherish every single effort you made. Somehow it seems like everything is closer to home and how easily the points get accross my mind.

    May Allah protect you wherever you may be and whatever you are doing :)

  27. Bro dont stop writing la, you’ve inspired thousand of people including me. Bro i quit my job as architect to become tukang urut so i can have freedom to travel. 1st few months it was struggle but now everything fall in place. Now im saving some to buy travel bicycle. See how far your writing & all your “into realm” stuff which sound like interstellar crap had drive people go crazy & live to the fullest? I did.

  28. Assalammualaikum wbt,
    sudah lama tidak menjengah blog tuan ni. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih atas perkongsian gambar dan perasaan tuan dalam setiap penulisan. Sejujurnya, pengalaman tuan sentiasa memberi inspirasi kepada pembaca. Subhanallah, terlalu indah alam ciptaan Yang Maha Mencipta.

    Selamat meneruskan pengembaraan dan berkongsi luahan dan cerita kepada kami. Semoga dipermudahkan dalam setiap urusan dan perjalanan tuan. Terima kasih.

  29. Salam,today at 6.40 pm for the first time i accidentally turned on al-hijrah channel and watched your documentary where u travelled in Bhutan with a nomadic amazing and beautiful the land is!
    i’m wondering while u travelling,when is the most vulnerable moment/time that you felt homesick?did you ever feel that anyway when travelling.thanks.

  30. I have been following ur article with utusan malaysia last time… i got fascinated with ur writing… but after a while i did not follow you due to personal problems… but suddenly today i remember u and wish to read more about ur travelling experience… pls advice ….thank u in advance

  31. Assalamualaikum Tuan Zahariz.

    I just followed your journey these few months. MashaAllah I really really amazed with your work. I wish to do it too if I was a man… Envy face 😐

    Well, I wish you all the best! Can’t wait to watch the next episode in Al Hijrah 😊

  32. assalamualaikum Tn Zahariz,

    Teruskan menulis Tn, bloq tn. adalah bloq kegemaran saya sejak 3 tahun lps..
    Cara penulisan dan Gambar2 sgt mesra alam dan banyak membantu ‘mengimprovedkan’ pembacaan bahasa inggeris sy …

    kipidapp and dongibab naaaa..hahaa

  33. Dear glad reading about all those wonderful experiences…. a young man who is courageous enough to travel a different brave but cautious..but above thankful to the al Mighty Allah..He who creates ..believe in Him..find his signs of greatness in His creations…

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  35. Still waiting for the new thoughts from beautiful mind like yours. Take care wherever you are. :)

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