Beautiful Day under the Blue Sky

us watching the impressive lower himalaya

fay, me and the lower himalaya, tibetan plateau

Today i met a chinese girl from the big group, lead by the american. I have hard time remembering her full name but i call her Fay. And she call me abang haha. Shes riding north to Qinghai, then will turn southwest towards Lhasa. Hmmm… most probably im gonna cycle together with her and her group towards Geermu in Qinghai, bcoz im heading there too, then ill ride alone again from there, head to northwest towards Kashgar. Very talkative to me, shes speaking mandarin to me as if im chinese and i speak english to her as if she understands english. We dont understand each other but we kept on talking! I then told her, “you keep speaking chinese to me and i keep replying in english, we dont understand a word but we keep talking! Amazing!”. Then we looked at each other… and laughing loudly… hehe.  We decided to ride together today, to train ourselves to get used to the altitude. After lunch, we rode together some 20km towards the west from Litang.

we're going higher...

Shes 24, from… errr… entah… some part of china i cant remember. Shes a tourguide since she was 17, and a strong woman. Hmm… i can imagine how nice if i can find a partner that doesnt mind to ride together with me around the world. Explore together, sharing the good and the bad moment together… watching each others back… would be lovely… ahh.. another dream of mine. Hope to find one, if not in china… maybe somewhere in the exotic kyrgyzstan? :)

the impressive sunset and me

Passed so many beautiful views, and at 1 point we decided to stop cycling, put our bike somewhere safe and start climbing to 1 of the hills. Good, time to train our stamina at this over 4000m altitude. When we reached the top, i checked it was already at 4600m altitude. While waiting for the sunset, we both keep talking, with our own language. since she doesnt understand english, i spoke malay to her and she replied in mandarin. It was fun. Taught her a few malay words, funny when she tried to speak malay. Cuteness… and sexy!!

the impressive sunset and fay

After hours of waiting, laughing and talking nonsense, we finally watched the impressive sunset. It was good to see the color of the sky changed,  from light blue… to orange.. to dark blue, then the stars starting to appear. When its getting darker, the wind is getting stronger and its getting colder. The wind was so strong and we started to have hard time breathing. We then quickly rode back to Litang town… it was fun… going downhill, at some 45km/hour. She then went back for shower, i went straight to the muslim restaurant for dinner. Again.. luck was on my side. I had my dinner, and when im about to pay, the owner, again, told me, “No pay no pay, muslim, islam”.  Aww mannn…..  what a day…

The red meets the blue...


11 Comments on “Beautiful Day under the Blue Sky

  1. seriously bro…I can see your have master ur Canon..! the Pictures getting awesome day by day!! huhu I’m right! Canon i easy to use! haha..of course, u have a good eyes too!

  2. You really have the flair of bringing your audience with you in your narration – I can actually picture both you & Fay talking to each other, almost clueless as to what each is saying. InshaAllah, you will perhaps find the partner you desire during your travels. MashaAllah, the day was good for you!

  3. wow! like a couple tgh dating under the sunset. tak sangka ko dating sampai ke Tibet ya. hehe.

  4. glad you’re progressing really well. Really nice pics and you’re having hell of an experience.. Fantastic. I hope I can do that one day… The best part is the Malaysian flag. Keep it up.. Following your progress back home here..

  5. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing and have safe journey…

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