Met another cyclist in Xining! :)

Nightlight in Xining

Finally… i met another cyclist… yesterday here in Xining. Shes from Guangzhou. I called her Nancy and as usual… i gave up trying to memorized her chinese name. So okay… Nancy is fine. A city girl from Guangzhou, but she has the spirit. We have some similarities, we both bored living in a city, bored living the normal, tedious city life, and she decided to ride along the great Qinghai Lake. Good thing is, Im riding there too on my way to Urumqi in Xinjiang, so… we gonna ride together :) Its great that i met her, we need each other. Shes chinese, that means she can help me the most. She will be my translator, even can cook for me, help for road direction, translate the chinese map into english and of course, teach me chinese language :) Well, i think we both need each other, shes a girl, sure i will take care of her safety. Guess we gonna make a good companion :) We’ll be riding tomorrow morning to Qinghai Lake, which will take 2 days to get there…

3 Comments on “Met another cyclist in Xining! :)

  1. Good job my fren!! Finally!! Make sure u score.

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