Final Preparation

A short video showing the preparation for my incoming cycling journey. Packed everything, all 45kg of it on my bicycle. Including food and water, I might be pulling 50kg of luggage on my bike for thousands of kilometers through volcanoes in Iceland!

3 Comments on “Final Preparation

  1. Kudos to Zahariz, Malaysia Boleh!! All the best for your incoming cycling trip.
    Malaysia need more people like striving towards top achievers.
    Just to share with younext weekend we are organising the Malaysia Achievement Summit – 16 June 2012 – Impiana KLCC, where Organisation and Individuals that have outstanding achievements will be there to inspire a group of young people.
    Take a look

  2. thank you so much Michael for your kind words. I’ve check the website and I wish I can attend the Malaysia Achievement Summit but unfortunately I will be crossing the Arctic Circle on 16th June…

  3. Assalam,

    dah siap keluar video macam nak pergi perang jek…

    dah sampai iceland ke…..

    projek kita balik kampung sama2 tu, on tau…

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