Crossing the Arctic Circle Like A Boss!!

After days and days cycling and camping in the extreme cold, I finally managed to cross the Arctic Circle on bicycle! After all the struggle, I’m finally back at my true nature, being the kiddish and playful me :D

7 Comments on “Crossing the Arctic Circle Like A Boss!!

  1. Congratulation. Bravo. Another milestone in your life. I understand your feeling when you rolled on that snow covered road.

  2. Haha! That’s a great way to celebrate! You are one crazy Malaysian – crazy in an awesome way! All the best and safe travels!

  3. Haha! How do you have the energy to do that? Hope you are well even after camping in this extreme cold! You are amazing! Hope everything is good for you and that the spring finally will show ( even though your in the wrong side of the country for warmth)..
    Wellwishing!!! from emma ( in Piteå)

  4. hehe tq guys for ur words. yea i was so happy like a boy crossing the arctic circle. but its okay man…. ive come a lonnggg way… :)
    Emma – thx Emma.. and thx a lot for the write up in the newspaper in Pitea that day. I got it translated to English :D Its still deep winter here… Im far north now near Kiruna. But at least the sun is shining proudly now and I still have all my fingers! :)

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