The Night Colors in the Arctic World

Jokkmokk is the first town for me in the world of Arctic. I was hosted by Lena, my friend’s mom who is working as a teacher here in Jokkmokk. She was really kind to host me for 2 days here and cook very good food for me. I tried the exotic Arctic fish and reindeer meat while my stay there. Lucky me to experience such things, since I cant get any of that in other parts of the world. I had my own room while my stay and really feel like home. I was impressed to see that a woman at her age, she is really computer literate, she uses a Macbook and a smartphone and really knows how to use it well. She is also active in winter sports and music, I can see different types of musical instruments in her house. She also spends most of her time drawing and painting. Most old people that I see back home, they usually just spend their old age watching TV at home and nothing else.

Lena, Hugo's mom who hosted me a few days in Jokkmokk, were so nice to prepare a delicious dinner

Lena, Hugo’s mom who hosted me a few days in Jokkmokk, were so nice to prepare a delicious dinner


On my second night in Jokkmokk, I saw the sky was really blue and clear, without a single cloud covering the sky. It is a good sign that I can have another chance to witness the magical Aurora Borealis again. I then went to the frozen lake nearby, some 4km west of Jokkmokk to enjoy the quiet cold sunset, watching the sun slowly hiding behind the hills of northern Sweden, slowly giving its lights to some other parts of the world and to see the moon started to glow in the dark sky. I stayed an hour in the frozen lake and my fingers started to freeze since I only wore thin gloves without my mitten. I then quickly get back to the house the get warmed again and had a delicious reindeer meat cooked by Lena. At around 10pm, wearing very thick clothes, I went out again to the cold to hunt the Aurora Borealis. Only after 10 minutes walk to a dark area, the northern lights appeared to be massive, covering the night sky. Compared to what I saw in Umea, this time the magical Arctic light was above me, all over the sky! It was everywhere, all over! I then quickly took my camera out to film this amazing phenomenon. I stayed for more than an hour and film the magical Aurora Borealis until the memory of my camera was full! I then quickly went back to transfer all the files into my computer while the green lights never stops dancing in the sky.

watching the sunset at the frozen lake. clear sky, big chance for me to witness the northern lights!

watching the sunset at the frozen lake. clear sky, big chance for me to witness the northern lights!

massive Aurora in the Arctic!

massive Aurora in the Arctic!


After I finished transferring all the files into my computer, I went out again after midnight, took my bicycle to go further away from the town to get another view of the Aurora, ignoring the -23 celcius. This time, I stayed outdoor for nearly 3 hours in the cold in the frozen lake and was really amazed looking at the night sky. The northern lights seems very near me, its all over in the sky and had very strong green color. I witness how it dances in the sky, it was actually much faster than I always imagine. Sometimes, it can appear to be quite scary, looks like a ghost moving in the sky. But it was something very beautiful, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


My feet were so painful, my shoes were freezing badly. But I tried to ignore it and keep watching the movement of the magical green curtain in the sky. It was my dream to witness this, its been long that I have always wanted to see this and I was really lucky that night to witness it. The northern lights were dancing for the whole night, and I realized the ground became bright, the snow became green, reflected the light of the unearthly Aurora Borealis. After almost 3 hours being in the cold in the frozen lake, I finally went back home at nearly 4 am in the morning to take a rest. I realized my balaclava and my outer Goretex jacket were all filled with ice. My nose was really painful. But it was nothing to me since I can sleep indoor. I really hope to get to see more of the northern lights as I will keep pressing north, I wanna get deep, far north from the ring of Arctic. I just cant get enough of it!!… my dream, the Aurora Borealis!!


5 Comments on “The Night Colors in the Arctic World

  1. Subhanallah!!!
    It’s amazing… and lucky you to be there to witness this God creation….

  2.’s amazing! wish i can witness these aurora borealis there someday too..insyaAllah..

  3. What an amazing experience, bro! I love the part where you said, “I don’t actually need so many things to live. I realized if we want to feel rich, we don’t need to possess so many materialistic things, but instead to be grateful… and thankful.”


  4. Subhanallah.subhanallah subhanallah menitis mata saya melihat kebesaran n keagungan ciptaan Allah..Aku rasa kerdilnya diri aku ini…terlalu cantik tiada bandingannya..

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