Need a flavour!…. eh… favour!

Hellowww peoplleee!!!

Recently my Malaysian Nomad team has submitted one of the short film I made, “Merentas Dunia Artik” (Crossing Into The Arctic) to BMW Shorties, Malaysia’s most prestigious short film competition. Surprising, we made it to the top 10 finalist for this year… 2013 competition, which the theme for this one is “inspiration”. My short film has been nominated for “Best Director” and “Best Cinematography”! Okay now, I need some help, please go to the link below, watch the short film I made and vote for my short film. And dont stop there, go around and force your family, friends, enemies, strangers or whoever you can find and tell them to vote for my film too! If they refused… use violence when necessary. Hehe… thank you guys



10 Comments on “Need a flavour!…. eh… favour!

    • tq all for the vote! I have won the people’s choice award, all because of the support from you guys. really really appreciate it! Big THANK YOU to all of you!

      misai tangloong – Saksikan pengembaraan saya yang seterusnya, “Dengan BMW Aku Bawak Anak Aku Jalan-jalan” :D

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