Easy Ride to Wulan

good weather today mmm....

Another 76km of ride today, and that put us in a small nice peaceful town called Wulan. The ride today was easy, very easy, flatland and some downhill, and now in Wulan, we are down to 2905m altitude, down from 3060 back in Chaka. Only thing that slowed us down was, the wind was blowing against us. We rode along some very beautiful views. Slowly, the landscape changed from high mountains to a dry desert. We also felt the difference on the weather, from very cold temperature of Qinghai Lake to very hot Qaidam Basin. I came across the first camel on my ride today since im in China. Its a sign, that im approaching the Taklimakan Desert. Soon ill be riding along The Ancient Silk Road!

first camel i came across since im in China!

hmmm should i change my bike with the camel? mmm...

relaxing with my ipod... letting the sun burn my face even more :)

Nancy told me she felt bad coz she was slowing me down. She keeps on saying that, so i keep on reminding her not to worry, i dont have a deadline. Shes actually a very good partner. She never complains. Actually its me who should feel bad, because since shes with me, we keep on eating in muslim restaurant. But ive no other choice, since its easy to find muslim restaurants here, its safer if i just stick with it. I just hope she understands that. Its a bonus that she rides with me since shes a chinese. as a malay who doesnt speak chinese and now in the middle of northern china, its great to have her with me. she helped me by a lot!

makan... lepas tu tidur. elok la tu...

Wulan is the best town ive been since im here in China. Towns that ive been in Sichuan province, it has nice landscape but way too cold, too many dogs and dirty! Here in Wulan, its very clean! Not like any other town ive been in China. No dogs here as the main population here are the Hui Muslims. It has some nice landscape, not too cold, very peaceful and quiet and of course, people here are so nice. I went to a muslim restaurant for dinner just now with Nancy, i ordered rice, potatoes and beef. I was so hungry and couldnt take it anymore, so i washed my hands, and eat the rice and the dishes with my hand! I feel soooo…. like home! Feel like Im back in KL, eating rice with my hand. The waitress, who is a muslim girl, were staring at me and laughing. Sure she thinks that… “Melayu betul lah budak melayu ni! Dah sampai northern China pun makan pakai tangan lagi”. Hehe but i couldnt help it u know. I was so hungry, and eating with my hand i feel so… comfortable! And i can eat fast! Well, this is not the first time it happened, since i was in Xining, I always used my hand to eat the rice and almost everybody inside the restaurant will stop eating, and staring at me, amazed, that i can eat the food just by using my hand with my “selamba melayu” face! Hahaha…

a no man's land

6 Comments on “Easy Ride to Wulan

  1. Hahaha… ya, you are surprise them with your hand to eat. =)

  2. Bagus ni; Wulan – kena cari kat peta.
    Selamat menyambung perjalanan.

  3. Bro aku baru first time visit ur page..after i read through..its really beautiful and amazing..goshh i just wish Im fit enough to accompany you with this great journey!!!!

  4. roziah – thank you! senang je… googlemap xining… then ada 1 lake called qinghai lake. from there… its 160km northwest pakai highway g109 :)

    azmil – yoo!!! bro… dont worry man. i can share my experience thru my blog. so takyah nak susah2 kayuh basikal macam aku. hahaha… how ru back in kl man?

  5. Everything is normal..just a little bit of world cup fever..then back to square one again (for me)..

    Btw how’s Nancy doin? She’ll be accompanying you till where?? Back to Malaysia??

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